There are various ways of exercising and keeping your body fit. One of the many ways includes something as simple yet effective as running. Running benefits in more than one way. It not only helps in weight loss but also raises the levels of good cholesterol, increases lung function and relieves stress. But, to avail these benefits, one has to run in the right way and avoid injuries in the long run



  • The Right Shoes

It is extremely important to ensure that your running shoes have comfortable soles and are of right fit which accommodates your foot arch. This is to avoid aches in your foot after a run.





. Warm-up & Cool-Down

Before beginning a run, one has to stretch and do warm-up exercises to prepare muscles for an intensive run. This avoids injuries as well. After a run, one must do some cool-down exercises to bring down the fast heart beating and breathing to its normal pace.






. Start Slowly

Start running at a slow pace, like a jog and then increase the speed gradually. One can also alternate between running and walking at fixed intervals to increase the length of the overall run.






. Rest Days

It is important to have rest days for the body to recover and rest as running is an intensive exercise, especially for the leg muscles.

. Add Variety

This is only for advanced runners, wherein after sufficient practice, one can start running in gradient slopes to further build his endurance. But, this should be avoided by beginners as running on high altitudes makes on prone to injuries.


  • Long Strides

One of the most common reasons for injuries is the long strides taken which over-stretches the hamstring muscles and pulls it. Hence, take small strides while running.

  • Big Meal

Do not have a big meal just before a run. Eat light, such as a banana or a handful of nuts that will give you sufficient calories to sustain the run.






. Running On Aches

Sometimes, one may incur an injury while running, which is perfectly okay. However, what further aggravates the injury is that people continue to run in pain. This is a big no. Rest, recover and run only when fully fit.

. Over-distance

People can become over enthusiastic and run for a longer distance that they had originally planned. This can cause them to be fatigued or even injured. Hence, limit the runs to your capacity and increase it gradually, not drastically.

. Earphones






A common habit is to run while listening to music, which boosts the mood and pushes one’s limits. However, the downside is that while running outdoors, you may not be able to hear an oncoming car’s horn and become susceptible to an accident. Hence, avoid distractions at all costs and be absorbed in the environment of the run!