When it comes to fitness and workout, nothing comes easy. Getting in shape already is a time taking process and if you get injured during the process, it’ll do nothing but prolong the time. Most of the workout injuries occur due to lack of proper training and guidance, pushing too much too soon or misusing the equipment and your abilities. Muscle tear, neck or shoulder strain, back pain, shin splits, tendinitis, hair-line fracture, knee injuries and ankle sprains are some of the most common gym injuries which people usually face. But all of these can be avoided if you gain a little knowledge about their cause and be careful while performing any of the exercises!

1. Warm up and stretch

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a fitness expert, a warm-up before any kind of heavy workout is a must of everybody. Best ways to do that is either by jogging at your own place for 5-10 minutes, or by jumping a rope or by riding an exercise bike. Stretching, on the other hand is a must both before and after your work out. It helps to increase and decrease your heart-rate at a gradual pace and loosens the muscles and joints. Stretching also increases stability, thus preventing many of the workout injuries.

2. Cross-train

Never stress a particular bone or muscles for too long. It can cause injuries like shin splits and tendinitis. Therefore, vary your work out. For example, if you perform cardio on the first day, lift your weights on the second and go for swimming or cycling on the third. It prevents the overuse or repetitive use of the same muscles, thus conditions muscle groups and distributes the stress placed on individual muscles and joints.

3. Safety first!

Wearing the right gear is a basic precaution that must be taken while performing any exercise to avoid all kinds of pulls and strain. If you’re a runner, always wear good quality running shoes that fit perfectly. Similarly, if you’re cycling, don’t ever forget your helmet. If you’re lifting weights or performing pull ups, muscle up, or any such exercise where you require to put pressure on the muscles, don’t forget to wear proper bands.

4. Understand your body type and listen to it

Every-body has its own structure and bone-muscle arrangement which you need to understand. For example, many women work hard to achieve the perfect thigh gap, but you need to accept that not all of you can have a thigh gap. It is based on the arrangement of your abdomen first, and then the fat. Similarly, know your own trouble spot and always listen to your body. You can’t keep pushing your limits and exerting yourself without realising what harm it is doing to your body. And when it comes to fitness, pain doesn’t necessarily mean that your workout is working, you can get fit without feeling the pain too. So, if your body feels the pain, it’s time you stop and look for any injury, if there’s any.

5. Fuel the body

This is undoubtedly the most important point. People think they can get fit by starving themselves. Heavy dieting which lacks proper nutrients can help you achieve short-term gains but cannot help you with dreamy-fit body. Drink plenty of water, both before as well after the workout. Eat small meals every 2-3 hours throughout the day to keep you fuelled and restore the lost energy!