In 2018, Roger Federer won two Laureus World Sports awards as ‘Sportsman of the Year’ and ‘Comeback of the Year’ and also became the oldest no.1 ranked player in tennis history. The most inspiring thing about Roger Federer is that, at the age of 36, he is very much in form and has set some great lessons of life for us to learn such as passion, persistence, be a learner and never shy from expressing our emotions.

Roger Federer is a man who needs no introduction. His is by far the most successful sports icon who has been playing professional tennis for the last 20 years! This is a mammoth of an experience in a game where professionals hardly make it past 10 years.

In 2018, Roger Federer won two Laureus World Sports Awards as ‘Sportsman of the Year’ and ‘Comeback of the Year’ and also became the oldest no.1 ranked player in tennis history.

Here are 6 inspiring lessons one can learn from the most amazing icon Roger Federer

1) His passion and persistent to chase his goals

The biggest takeaway from Roger Federer is his unparalleled persistence levels. He truly loves tennis and is willing to put efforts in his own game to improve. He has dominated tennis for many years, yet never felt over-confident in his abilities and always worked hard as if he has just begun playing tennis. 20 Grand Slam victories vouch for that!

2) Always Be A Learner

Roger Federer has had his share of difficulties in playing certain kind of players, specially his eternal nemesis Rafael Nadal. During the peak of Roger Federer, he had no answer to Nadal’s topspin and other attacks. During Federer’s return to form in 2017, he worked hard to change how he plays backhand, improve serve-and-volley, and play more within the court than away from baseline. He had to unlearn and relearn in order to defeat his opponent. His 4-0 record in 2017 against Nadal proves that it is never too late to learn!

3) Hurdles Make You Better

If we compare the Roger Federer of 2007-08 (his youthful career peak) and the Roger Federer of 2017-18 (His second coming), the latter beats the former hands down. The reason being that the Federer back then was young, fearless, no failures, his opponents were past their peak and all the circumstances were in favor. But, a man’s worth is determined by how he responds when the tides are against him. Since 2013, he was on a Grand Slam drought, constant defeats, injuries, ageing, rise of Nadal, Djokovic and Murray. He fought through his circumstances, worked on his fitness and game and this resulted in his re-birth from the ashes in 2017 when he won a Grand Slam for the first time since 2013, that too by defeating his long-time nemesis Nadal. He has won 3 more Grand Slams since then and continues to go strong! Hurdles are an opportunities to rise above one’s circumstances.

4) Rest Is Important

The key to Roger Federer’s immense success since the beginning of 2017 is that he took about six months off in the latter half of 2016 to rest and recover from injuries. In 2017 and 2018, he skipped clay season to rest so that he can prepare for remaining seasons. Other top players try to play all seasons and become injured due to exertion. This is the main difference between Federer and others, and hence despite skipping seasons and tournaments, Roger Federer has been ranked no.1  in 2018 because whatever he plays, he wins!

5) Striking a right balance between work and life

Roger Federer is an ideal example of a family man. When not touring or recuperating from injuries, he utilizes his time to the fullest by spending quality time with family. Even when he is playing, his wife and kids are always there to support him. Roger Federer believe that work is important but not at the cost of the time that your family deserves.

6) Don’t Shy Away To Express

Roger Federer has always expressed his emotions on court, whether in victory or defeat, in front of thousands of fans who come to watch him play. The tears really connect with everyone, which only implies how passionate he is about his game even today. We can feel the immense pleasure he derives from playing tennis, which gives us the joy of watching him. No wonder, even Hollywood celebrities and other sports-stars come to watch him play!