Pilates has become the major fitness craze of 2018 across the globe. It mainly focusses on your core strength, body alignment and stretching. It works on six main principles- concentration, control, core strength, efficient movements, precision and breathing. In Pilates, one needs to be extremely precise with their movements and hence most of the Pilates sessions work at a slow pace to allow you to get there in your own time rather than just rushing through the workout. Pilates is an amazing way to get a long lean body and you will see results in just a couple of sessions.

So if you are a fitness enthusiast or trying to lose weight but haven’t given
Pilates a try yet, then we give you 9 reasons that will convince you to join a
Pilates session today itself.

1) Tones muscles

Most of the gym exercises require weight training which is often times a
bit straining. Pilates is a more relaxed form of exercise which has slow
and controlled movements that tone your muscles and lengthen your

2) It’s an amazing ab workout

Performing Pilates every day for one month will strengthen your core
muscles and also your obliques. No other exercise helps you get abs
better than Pilates.

3) Low impact workout

Just like yoga, Pilates is an amazing low impact workout and hence it is
amazing for people of all ages who are looking for slow controlled

4) Increases flexibility

Pilates works on improving your body posture, balance, and flexibility which is why many gymnasts and athletes swear by the Pilates techniques to boost their overall fitness.

5) Prevents injuries

Injuries can leave you unfit for months. If you suffer from a sprained neck or back or a shoulder injury or even a back pain, then Pilates can help you correct it. The controlled movements in Pilates can help in lengthening and straightening your spine and thus helps in perfecting your posture.

6) It de-stresses your mind

If you rely on yoga for de-stressing than you also must try Pilates. Just like yoga, Pilates also works on controlled breathing techniques which helps to relax the mind.

7) Anyone can perform Pilates

It doesn’t matter what age you are, you can always benefit from Pilates. Children, women, men, aged people, people with injuries, all you need to do is keep in mind few precautions– all can perform Pilates and build a strong core, balance, and flexibility

8) Can be done anywhere

One does not need a gym or a studio to perform Pilates. You can do it at your home or hotel or your balcony. You don’t need any equipment to perform these exercises since most of the exercises are mat exercises that can be performed everywhere.

9) It’s great for pregnant women

Pregnant women who exercise their core muscles experience shorter labor and reduced lower back and pelvic pain. Pilates has controlled, slow movements that help pregnant women to stay relaxed during their pregnancy.