Running is one of the best things you can do to yourself for your overall
health and wellbeing. To combat health issues and get a fitter body, pick up your
running shoes and get going.

Running is one of the best exercises that can tone up your whole body, invigorate your
mind and offer a host of health benefits. Becoming a runner can be a life changing
thing. You can consider running regularly not simply as a form of exercise and to stay
fit, but to improve your entire lifestyle. When running becomes a way of life, it offers far
beyond just health benefits.

Here are 9 health benefits of running:

1. Boosts lung health

Runners over the time have increased lung capacity. Running improves your blood circulation and increases heartbeat and breathing rates. All these make your lungs stronger and improve respiratory health.

2. Boosts heart health

With increased blood circulation, running helps in retaining the elasticity of the arteries and hence helps to increase heart health and considerably reduce the chances of heart attack.

3. Boosts immune system

Regular running helps boost your body’s resistance power against germs and infections. An improved immune system means fewer illnesses and more healthier days.

4. Disease prevention

Many doctors recommend running as it helps reduce the risks of many serious medical conditions like breast cancer and stroke and helps patients of diabetes, high blood pressure and osteoporosis.

5. Helps lose weight

Running is simply a very enjoyable full-body exercise to get a fitter and healthier body. It helps in losing weight and maintaining healthy body weight, as runners burn great amounts of calories.

6. Stress Relief

Stress is a big problem in modern times. Running helps in relieving stress by offering extra oxygen to the body and balancing the hormones. It also reduces stress related headaches and mood swings.

7. Combat depression

Running helps secreting happy hormones to improve your mood and refreshes your mind. In the process it helps combat depression very effectively.

8. Promotes strong legs, healthy bones and joint stability

Regular running naturally makes the runner’s legs really strong and powerful. Running stresses your bones making your body send more essential minerals to the bones, and this makes them stronger. A runner’s ligaments, tendons are also stronger, and they have healthier joints.

9. Promotes restorative sleep

Running boosts the serotonin levels that promote calmness. Serotonin gets converted into melatonin that induces peaceful sleep offering overall health benefits.