We come across so many advertisements selling supplements and other products that pose to be a miracle in the field of medicine and most people come under the influence of these infomercials. But these products are loaded with chemicals which are extremely harmful for health. Infact, one ‘cure all product’ that actually works to cure many day to day health problems is Lemon. Yes, lemon is inexpensive, it is packed with vitamin C and is a miracle fruit because it has the power to cure almost all your problems.   Here are a few benefits of taking lemon water daily every day :

1. Lemon is a wonder fruit for your body: It is a powerhouse of vital nutrients that rejuvenates the entire physical system. The benefits even double when it is consumed with pure warm water. It is a primary antioxidant and it may also reduce risks of blood pressure, stroke and cardiovascular disease.

2. Helps to rejuvenate the skin: Vitamin C found in lemons, is rich in antioxidants helps ward off free radicals and is well-known for anti-aging properties. It also helps you get rid of lines, deep furrows, wrinkles etc. Lemon water also keeps the skin clear and radiant, as it purges toxic materials from the blood.  Regular intake of fresh lemon water can cure blackhead, acne and also fades out facial scars.

3. High potassium concentration: Lemon has high concentrations of potassium that helps in stimulating functions of entire Central Nervous System. It regulates blood pressure, boosts the formation of blood cells and keeps free radicals under check.

4. Aids Detoxification and Digestion: It keeps your urinary tract clear from any unwanted elements as it tricks the liver into producing bile, thereby helps food moving through your body and intestinal tract smoothly. Having a glass of lukewarm lemon infused water in the morning help rehydrate the body, making you feel less bloated and also allowing your body to naturally detoxify.

5. It supports weight loss: Lime juice adds a zip of flavor to regular water and it makes it palatable. So, swapping your energy drinks, soda or fruit juice for a glass of water lemon water will not only keep you hydrated but will also speed up weight loss and decrease your calorie intake. For people looking to consume lemon for its weight loss abilities must drink warm water on an empty stomach every morning, as it increases the body’s metabolic rate.

To yield the health benefits of lemon, juice it. It possesses immense health benefits ranging from its antiviral properties to its immune boosting abilities. Lemon water will not only give you wellness boost but will also help you stay hydrated throughout the day. So break the morning ritual of having herbal tea or coffee and add a zest of lemon to your life!