Headstand, also known as Shirshasana, is one of the best yoga poses and it is also known as the king of yoga poses. This is because it has multiple health benefits. It ensures the brain receives sufficient oxygenated blood and speeds up blood circulation. So here is how you can practice a headstand and some of the most amazing benefits of doing a headstand on daily basis:

Steps to practice a headstand:

Before you start practicing a headstand it is important to know that you practice it with a teacher. Headstand is a healing pose which only works if you are doing it properly and safely. Donot practice the pose if you are having a neck or back issue and also not if you have your menses or are pregnant.

1)     Kneel on the floor and interlock your fingers and place your forearms on the floor

2)     Keep your elbows shoulder width apart

3)     Now rest the crown of your head against the clasped hands

4)     Inhale, and lift the knees off the floor

5)     Come to an upside down V position

6)     Bring your knees closer to the chest

7)     Slowly and gently straighten your legs and keep them perpendicular to the ground

8)     Keep your weight evenly balanced on the two forearms

9)     Stay in the pose for 15-20 seconds

Benefits of performing headstand:

Relieves stress: Headstand is a cooling posture and it is extremely effective to help you calm down. So if you are under stress or anxiety or fear, you should practice it. The freshly oxygenated blood calms and rejuvenates mind and when combined with deep breathing it can relieve stress, depression and even insomnia

Great treatment for hair loss: If you are suffering from hairloss then this exercise is great for you as it slows the hair loss process. It increases the blood flow and provides nutrients to the scalp thus reducing hairfall.

Strengthens arms and shoulders: Headstand improves the upper body strength and also improves muscles endurance. By going upside down on your head, neck and shoulder, you are able to lengthen the spine and relax the muscles.

Improves blood flow to the eyes: Going upside down helps to send extra oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the head which also means more oxygenated blood will reach your eyes. This improves eye sight, prevents macular degeneration and other eye related issues

Stimulates the lymphatic system: Our lymphatic system is responsible for removal of fluids from tissues and waste products from the blood. Doing a headstand will stimulate your lymphatic system and will help to remove toxins from your body

Improves complexion: Regular practice of headstand will improve your facial skin. Headstand directs an oxygen rich flow of blood to the facial skin thereby improving the facial complexion. So if you are suffering from acne doing headstand will give you a great relief from acne and other skin issues.