Did you overstuff yourself when you had your favourite meal? Yes you did and well if not all most of us do that.

Fighting with your friends/siblings for that extra spoon of dessert, last slice of pizza and a small scoop ice-cream is worth every bit. It’s fun!

But when you start consuming food in an uncontrolled manner regularly, that’s binge eating! It’s a common disorder which typically begins in late adolescence or early adulthood and often happens when a person is plagued with unpleasant emotions or depression. In such cases eating comforts the person. They find solace while consuming food.

If you are feeling stuck in such a situation, here we have compiled a list of things which you can do to combat binge eating:

1) Know your emotional triggers: Try to understand when you feel like overeating. Is it when you are bored? Or when angry or when sad? Knowing this will help you regulate your emotions and divert your attention from food. Once you know the cause you can try switching to other methods like listening music, watching TV, going for a walk or maybe catch up with a friend.

2) Practice Yoga: Specific breathing exercises and yoga poses improve blood circulation in the body, reduce stress and regulate emotions. It is beneficial for overall well-being of the person. Those who are suffering from binge eating disorder can start by doing simple yoga poses and maintain a chart to track their progress.

3) Get adequate sleep: Though often overlooked, sleep is essential for well-being of mind and body. A body which rests well, functions well; same applies to mind! When talking about adequate sleep, hitting the bed early is not enough. You need to get quality sleep which relaxes your mind and body. For that, avoid using cell-phones once you crawl in your bed, avoid TV just before bed-time, avoid arguments with your spouse or family member; in short have positive thoughts while going to bed.

4) Stay hydrated: On an average, an adult’s 60% body is made up of water. Hope you understand the importance of that precious liquid! Consuming adequate quantity of water will help you curb food cravings, keep your body temperature regulated and mood happy.

5) Plan your diet: There is nothing better than charting out a plan on paper and sticking to it. Recording what you eat will make you more responsible and help you develop healthier food habitsYou would become more aware of your food consumption patterns. Also, don’t go for dieting because that way you will starve your body and deprive it of essential nutrients. Just maintain a diary and track the progress.

6) Clear the space: Well, you won’t be able to binge eat if you get rid of all the unhealthy food stuff present in your house! Or stop buying it altogether. It’s easier said than done, but try cutting out unhealthy things from shopping list one-by-one. Choose healthier options. Avoid deep fried and processed food.

Make it a personal goal to combat binge eating. Focus your attention on yourself and start listening to your body needs. Once you’re in sync with yourself, it won’t be that difficult to give up!