Food combining is a nutritional approach to aid the digestive process and promote overall healthy life. This health-conscious approach to eating is based on the premise that different foods require different digestive environments and hence they should never be combined together in the same meal. Improper food combining can also lead to several health problems, including flatulence, bloating, upset stomach, gastric troubles and sometimes, malnutrition. Although various food combination theories have been spoken about in the past and some of them have sparked disagreements and controversies but there are certain food combinations which most nutritionists, physiologists and dieticians agree to have harmful effects on health.

1. Consuming fruit post a meal – Fruit does not go well with vegetables or other food choices. Fruits can be best eaten alone or in a breakfast. They are pure sugars and hence do take a lot of time to pass through the digestive tract. When fruits are eaten with complex starch foods rich in fats or proteins that often take more time to digest then the sugar of the fruit eaten right after a meal will stay for longer periods of time and ferment.

2. Consume concentrated protein starchy foods – Nutritionist’s advices never to combine protein rich foods such as cheese with starch laden foods as combination of both together blocks the salivary digestion of starch. Different enzymes are required for different levels of acidity to be digested. Concentrated proteins can be combined with non-starchy vegetables or sea vegetables as the enzymes breaking them down would require an alkaline environment to function properly. Starchy foods left undigested for long periods of time undergo fermentation and decomposition.

3. Mixing carbohydrates with acidic food choices – Although one cannot imagine eating pasta without tomatoes and cheese, but what most of us do not know is that it is a bad food combination that can be very hard for our digestive tract and should best be avoided. Tomatoes are acidic in nature, whereas pasta is a starchy carb and mixing it together can put pressure on our system to breakdown the food with ease. Moreover, adding dairy product like cheese to this food choice adds to the digestive problems and causes loss of energy post consumption.

4. Combining protein foods – Doctors recommend to take one protein per meal instead of going for two together at the same time. It is easier for the digestive tract to breakdown one single concentrated proteins but digestion of more than one protein per meal may require more energy.

Some of the food combinations presents a big challenge for our digestive system and can cause serious health problems. Uneasiness, gas, bloating, flatulence, nausea, fatigue and problems with elimination of toxins are some of the immediate consequences of bad food combinations but there can be severe problems such as dry skin, rashes and so on if bad food combining is followed over a longer period of time.