Going for a diet is often the most common method adopted by people to take care of their body fat. However, taking up a smart diet is more important than being too hard on yourself and depriving your body of the essential nutrients with a stringent diet plan. Much of the weight loss goals can be simply achieved when one knows what food combinations to eat. The science of combining right foods can optimize weight loss plan and also keep our digestive system healthy. Combining certain foods can affect the blood sugar and also the way nutrients get absorbed into the body, thereby affecting the hormones which control the overall weight of the body.

Here are some of the perfect food combinations that work like magic on your digestive system, and in turn, effectively aid the weight loss plan to help you look fit and healthy.

1. Almonds + Yoghurt + Raspberries – Vitamins when eaten with good fats help in the absorption of lycopene that is well-known to reduce the risk of cancer and also known to stop the formation of fat producing stress hormone cells. Fat –soluble vitamins like the Vitamin A, D, and E can be paired with healthy fats to be best absorbed within the body. Broccoli, peas and other vitamin A sources can be cooked in olive oils for best digestion. You can also snack on almonds mixed with full-fat dairy product like yoghurt to build fat burning muscle.

2. Cucumber + Mint + Ginger – Boost weight loss with this great detox water. It is known to reduce belly fat effectively and also increase metabolism with its essential nutrients. High on vitamin C and K, cucumbers when mixed with lemon slices in water can suppress cravings for long and boost slimming polyphenols.

3. Spinach + Eggs + Avocado Oil – Spinach and Avocado salads may look boring but it certainly works well to burn body fat. Avocado has healthy monounsaturated fats that improves cholesterol, keeps heart healthy and also suppresses appetite for long hours. The fiber-rich vegetable spinach and eggs rich in protein will boost your muscles and also help you lose weight successfully.

4. Lentils + Broth + Tomatoes – Turn to lentil soup with tomatoes to burn fat. Studies have shown beans and legumes to provide protein while also aiding in weight loss. Lentil can make you feel full for longer and hence helps keep off unwanted extra calories.

5. Sweet Potatoes + Salmon – Include healthy proteins for weight loss and muscle build-up. Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, salmon is the finest choice for burning fats. Although potatoes are a strict no when following the no-carb diet but it is a highly recommended fat-banning potassium rich food that can actually help you lose weight when paired with right foods like salmon.

Incorporating the right food combinations is the trick to reach your weight loss goals without having to compromise on the taste by going in for bland, nutrient- deprived foods. Moreover, food combing also helps boost your digestion to provide you ample energy and keep undesired weight off.