Belly fat is one the prime concerns amongst both men and women. In fact even normal weighing people are looking out for ways to reduce belly fat and why not. Those extra pounds of flesh around the waist line not only give a flabby appearance but also are an indicator of higher mortality rate and metabolic syndrome. It is also linked to higher cholesterol level, heart diseases and diabetes.

Men with waist size over 40inches and women with over 35 inches are considered to have abdominal fat. The primary reason for this obesity is excess calorie intake and a sedentary lifestyle with less or no physical activity. While some other factors like genetics, hormonal imbalance, aging, stressful lifestyle play its part in aggravating this problem.

Some of the vital tips, food ideas and diet plan to curb down extra flesh naturally have been discussed below-

Cut down the carbohydrate intake in diet: A stringent low carb diet plan is not required. Instead replacing the refined carbohydrate intake (sugar, candy, and white bread) over healthy carbs (whole grains, legumes and vegetables) is enough to show instant results within a few days. Research has proved that people who consume healthy carbs are less likely to have abdominal fat over those who feed on refined grains.

Include protein rich diet: Ensure to have a protein rich diet since it is well-known to raise the metabolic rates thereby keeping a check on weight gain. It also boosts wholeness and keeps the muscle mass intact. Some of the well known sources of protein are legumes, nuts, dairy products, egg, tofu, meat, fish, whey proteins and beans.

Avoid or lessen sugary food: Sugar is basically a combination of glucose and fructose. Fructose can be metabolized by liver in significant amounts. So when it is consumed in excess the liver fails to break it down into simpler form thereby depositing a fructose layer in the form of belly fat. So avoid aerated drinks like soda, beverages like sweet tea, alcoholic mixers containing sugar, high- sugar sports drink if you intend to curb the visceral fat.

Rely on soluble fiber rich food: Including fiber rich food like oats, flaxseeds, apples, avocados in daily diet is an effective approach towards reducing belly fat. It gives a sense of fullness thereby keeping a check on appetite and enhances the metabolic rates by burning the visceral fat.

Eat Breakfasts and Small meals: Starving early in the morning by compromising on breakfast is a bad idea. Instead opt for a healthy breakfast. It keeps a check on insulin level and lowers the LDl cholesterol level. Even small meals at periodic intervals also accelerate the metabolic rates thereby assisting in overall weight loss.

Although there is no rule book but following this diet plan religiously will definitely be advantageous for people looking out to cut down on their belly fat.