Pranayama or Alom-vilom as we know, is a breathing technique which is most commonly known to relieve stress and relax your mind and body. But that is no it, Pranayama, which is a Sanskrit word originates from two words – ‘prana’ and ‘ayama’. ‘Prana’ means life force or universal energy which is ubiquitous. Arguably, it is also considered as the cosmic energy which connects all the elements of universe together. ‘Ayama’, on the other hand, means to extend, which is the technique of guiding, stimulating and providing rhythm to the force of energy which is inside the body. It is also considered to be the link between the conscious and unconscious state of mind.

There are numerous benefits and positive changes that you can achieve in your life by performing pranayama every day. Scroll to get familiar with them!

1. Improve concentration and memory

Performing pranayama regularly increases the amount of oxygen that is supplied to your brain and the entire body. It helps relieve stress, calms down the mind to help it function optimally, improves concentration, recent and remote memory and strengthens your will power. Doing pranayama ensures that every cell of the body gets enough oxygen, hence, you’ll attain a deep sense of peace and rejuvenation.

2. Improves digestion

When you perform pranayama accurately, the full scope of your diaphragm – lower, middle and upper parts – are engaged in the process as each inhale and exhale causes the diaphragm to move up and down. Along with the movement of diaphragm, other organs located in the abdomen also move gently and naturally slide against each other. This causes the connecting tendons and fascia, or if there’s any food or liquid within the organs also splash and sway which then promotes the overall health of the organ. Usually we spend most of our time sitting which does not allow proper movement of the lower abdomen, therefore, it is extremely important for you to sit in a perfect posture keeping the spine absolutely straight, so that you attain full effect from each pranayama.

3. Physical fitness

Pranayam helps make your body leaner, stronger and healthier especially when you combine it while performing other yoga asanas as well. As we read above, it balances the digestive system and also the appetite. Thus, you feel fuller and burn huge amount of calories by performing pranayama as it tends to affect many of your belly muscles too, effecting the visceral fat stored inside the organs.

4. Get glowing skin

Performing pranayama regularly pumps the amount of oxygen entering your body thus cleansing the skin and providing a natural brightness making the skin health, happy and glowing.

5. Increases life-span

Life-span is directly proportional to the rate of breathing in all animals. Practicing pranayama helps you breathe at regular and systematic pace, thus increases life span. Also, performing pranayama regularly improves overall health condition and combats life-threatening diseases that are associated with stress and the built up of toxins.