Healthy foods are good for overall body and well-being. They keep us fit and in shape. But, one must acknowledge calorific value of the every-day food one intakes. Most often than not, we tend to eat healthy food as much as we may desire unaware of the fact that it is depositing fats in the body! This is one of the primary reasons why obese people find it hard to reduce weight despite eating healthy. So, here is a list of some common food items and their calorie values to help you gauge better on your consumption.

1. Peanut Butter

Calorie meter: 100 calories/tablespoon
Peanut butter is a popular and delicious item widely consumed during breakfast.
It has several benefits such as building muscle, burning fat and fighting heart
disease. But it is important that it is consumed in moderation to reap its benefits;
otherwise it can increase your daily calorie intake.

2. Dark Chocolates











Calorie meter: (maximum) 600 calories/chocolate bar
More than regular chocolates, dark chocolates are often suggested. It is good for
heart as it has more cocoa, which means more antioxidants. So, 30-60g per day
is an ideal amount as per experts. But if you indulge in one whole bar of dark
chocolate without cutting calories elsewhere it can certainly lead to weight gain
over a period of time.

3. Gluten-Free Cookies


Calorie meter: 100-200 calories/cookie

A common myth is that gluten-free cookies give you the license to consume as much as you want. But, sometimes they pack more calories than usual cookies. So, consume it like regular ones with extra caution.

4. Whole Wheat Bread

Calorie meter: 73 calories/slice

Whole wheat breads are healthier than their counterparts, white breads. But, both of them more or less have the same amounts of calories. So, keep that in mind while having your next Subway sandwich!

5. Olive Oil

Calorie meter: 238 calories/two tablespoons

As you can see from the calorie meter, Olive Oil has a lot of calories loaded in it. Undoubtedly, they are healthy oils, but adding a large quantity will increase the calorific value of your food to a great deal. Which is why, use optimum amounts of olive oil.

6. Coconut Milk

Calorie Meter: 552 calories/ 1 cup (240g)

Coconut milk is a peculiar health drink – it will increase your metabolism to burn more calories and reduce weight. But, it will also provide you with more calories that may end up compensating the burned calories. One cup has 57g of fat! So, consume it in such a way that it limits the calorie intake to 100 calories.

7. Dates

Calorie Meter: 282 calories/ 100g

Dates are highly delicious and a very good substitute for candies and chocolates, in case you have craving for sugar. So, it is good to munch them in limited quantities and keep a tab on your intake. Infact most people will suggest having 3-4 dates everyday to gain weight.

8. Chickpeas

Calorie Meter: 364 calories/ 100g

Chickpeas are filled with proteins and used in various dishes and salads. It holds its own ground even when consumed alone, as it’s quite heavy. So, when consuming it, ensure that there are no other additional calorie-heavy foods.

9. Salad Dressings

Calorie Meter: 457 calories/100 grams

Salads are very healthy and provide us with the necessary fibre and other important nutrients. But adding different dressings to better its taste can definitely increase your calorie intake. A tbsp. of dressing may contain upto 50-85 calorie, so choose your dressings wisely.

10. Raisins

Calorie Meter: 299 calories/100 grams

A 1.5 ounce of raisins contains the same calories as two full cups of grapes! You get the idea that the sweet dry fruits have high calories, so eat them only when really hungry and when in need of a quick and healthy snack