Unlike 20s, 30s is one of the most happening ages in most of the women’s life. You have a career, family, probably baby and a lot of other responsibilities to look after. And also your body is undergoing a lot of changes. Your metabolism slows down; you begin to loose lean muscle and need fewer calories to sustain. With all these changes, it is important to make sure that you are picking up right exercise to do every day and not carrying forward the tricks you used in 20s.

Checkout all the workouts which you need to do while in 30s:

1. Pelvic floor exercises: Well, these are not just for pregnancies! If you are ignoring them just because you are not pregnant, then it is high time to start doing pelvic exercises regularly. Incontinency in 50s or 60s is a common problem for women and one the best ways to avoid it is by doing floor exercises. The other benefits of doing this exercise are reduced risk of prolapse (sagging internal organs), better recovery after childbirth or prostate surgery and better orgasmic potential. Consult a trainer or health professional if you are facing difficulty in performing the exercises correctly to get desired results.

2. Yoga: No matter what’s your age, Yoga never goes out of style! It is good for both…physical as well as mental health. The benefits of doing yoga are increased muscle strength, better posture, increased stamina, stronger bones, better immunity and lower blood pressure. It is best if you can practice Yoga regularly; if not then take a class one or twice a week.

3. Push-up: Sleep on your stomach, place your palms on the floor next to your shoulders and push your body upwards. Repeat. Exhale while pushing body upwards and inhale while coming down. It’s a good full body workout and will help you build you create balance and stability. The other benefits are more bone density, toned body, stronger core and better stamina. Consult a trainer to do this exercise properly. Start with 10 push-ups a day, don’t rush things and increase slowly.

4. Bike riding: You don’t really need to take the bicycle out and go pedalling around the town; instead you can opt for a stationary bike and work out at home. 30 minutes of biking every day is said to decrease stress levels, improve joint mobility, toned legs, better posture and improved co-ordination. It is fun and a great cardio workout.

5. Aerobics: Love dancing? Wanna get a toned body? Put on some music and do aerobics! One of the most fun exercises, it is said to improve cardiovascular health, reduce asthma, reduce chronic pain and regulates blood pressure. The other benefit is that it is very easy and affordable. Join a class or try at home or maybe gather few of your neighbourhood friends and have fun working out.