Since the beginning of time, much thought has gone into food and their effects on the body. Through trial and error (and fantastic technology), humans have learnt to consume as per need basis and modern humans can find answers to their questions at the click of the button. As the old saying goes, you are what you eat. If you consume foodstuff which is highly processed and is high in carbohydrates, you might find yourself feeling quite lethargic. The foods which have have high fat

content and have a lot of calories take more energy to digest and can make you feel more tired.

In today’s action-packed world, since there is no time to be lazy, here are some foods that will definitely help your low energy problems.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated

One of the common mistakes that people make is not drink adequate amount of water everyday. You must have 2-3 ltrs of water everyday to maintain better than smooth bodily functions. It is no secret that dehydration or the lack of water in the body could cause the impairment of regular bodily capacities and cause one to feel tired or even faint.

Brown Rice

Brown rice has high contents of the mineral manganese, which helps the body to make more energy. Manganese has proteins and carbs that aid in producing energy for the body for the entire day. Brown rice is a great incorporation into your diet and must be genuinely considered as a viable alternative over white rice.


Who has not found themselves at the bottom of a hummus bowl wanting for more? Hummus is one of the greatest foods that you can find and it makes for a delicious snack or meal. You can make it with extra virgin olive oil and make it as per your taste. Not only is hummus super easy to make, but it is also high in fiber, protein and fat and helps to produce energy.


Nuts are a bounty of fiber, proteins and adequate energy providers. Add some walnuts or almonds into your diet for a boost of energy as you go along your day.


There is nothing better than grabbing a fruit as you move about your day. You can grab a banana or an apple on the go and get that early morning boost of energy that we all need. You can also have fruits such as oranges which are also great antioxidants as well as high in vitamin C to help your body produce more energy. You can also include strawberries, or make a fruit salad with chia seeds and nuts for a perfect meal.