After days of festivity, fun, and loading up of all favorite foods and with little or almost no exercise or workout routine, getting back to your old diet plan and maintaining your workout routine can be very challenging. Following a detox route post-festivities requires determination and also a lot of effort and smart planning. Here is a complete guide on how you can detoxify your body post the festive fun and get back to a great shape in no time.

Go for smoothies – Your body really needs some hydration after a period of neglect during the festivities and what better way to start off the recovery of the body than gulp some of your favorite and healthy smoothies. Go for chilled, seeded smoothies with vital ingredients that could hydrate the body and also provide the necessary zing to help you beat the post-festive tiredness. Mix fresh seasonal greens along with fruits and anti-inflammatory syrups to work wonders for your tired body.

Boost mood with your favorites – Often a depressing feeling sets in when festivities get over and we have to return to the monotonous grind of life. Try lifting up your spirits by doing things that fill up your senses with feelings of joy and wonder. Listen to your favorite music or whip u your delicious cup of chocolate drink to beat the post-festive blues. Indulging in things that make you feel content can increase your serotonin levels and also help overcome the depressive feelings that often surround at the end of good things.

Loosen up and do some light exercises – Festivities can often leave us with weight gain and exhausted feeling. Exercises and some form of physical activity on a regular basis can help us to overcome the jaded feeling that surrounds us almost every time after the festive period. Start off with gentle exercises such as yoga or swimming or stretching and then move on to core strength training, cardio and weight training to get back in good shape. People looking to unwind and set on a refreshing workout path can try Zumba, pilates or even some sports.

Indulge in self-care routine – Nourishment is the most essential thing your body needs post festivities and period of neglect. Long days spent outside your home and with no body care routine to follow, your hair and skin may feel dry, lifeless and dull. Give your locks a refreshing feel and look with tresses treatment and hair spa. Try following basic skincare regimen and hair care nourishment program on a regular basis to repair the damage done to your skin and hair during the festivities.  Facials and massages can also make your skin replenish the lost glow and moisture post the festivities. Load up on foods that boost your immunity to keep at bay virus and diseases that are common after festivities.