Almost every household in India is familiar with Tulsi or holy basil. The roots of this highly valuable herb’s origin can be traced back in the books of Ayurvedic medicine.  Some of which are mentioned below.

1.       Anti-Inflammatory Effects – Tulsi provides the body with immune power and resistance against common cold, flu, headaches, disorders of the stomach, inflation and diseases of the skin and eyes. A few forms of poisoning can also be fought off with the regular use of this powerful herb.

2.       Reduces Stress And Anxiety – It is quite famously used to relieve stress and headaches as it has relaxation effects. Tulsi constituents are known to prevent stress-inducing changes in the body and also bring about immediate relief from anxiety and feelings of depression.  The body’s stress response is adequately supported by this medicinal herb.

3.       Guards The Heart – Extracts of this wonderful herb prevents heart diseases by inhibiting oxidative enzymes that can cause plaque accumulation in the arteries. Studies have also found tulsi extracts to be highly significant in treating cardiovascular diseases. Herb oil extracted from the leaf of tulsi is shown scientifically to lower cholesterol and protect the heart.

4.       Improves Cognitive Function – It is known to help restore memory and cognitive functions. Research has found the herb to be beneficial in treating diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Convulsions and its harmful effects on the central nervous system can also be prevented with regular chewing of tulsi leaf.

5.       Effective in Dealing With High Blood Pressure – Seeds of this medicinal herb is known to lower blood pressure levels and its dangerous effects. Extracts from tulsi and oil are rich in potassium and can balance the blood pressure.

6.       Helps Manage Diabetes and Blood Sugar Imbalance – Diabetics are recommended by doctors to chew tulsi leaves if they wish to lower blood sugar levels. Some studies have shown tulsi to bring own fasting blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes patients by a whopping 17.6% and a decent slump of 7.3% in post-meal blood sugar levels.

7.       Defends the Liver – Toxins harming the liver and liver-damage inducing symptoms can be treated effectively with the regular use of tulsi in food in some form or the other. Addition of tulsi extracts in regular meals is shown to have a positive effect on the liver and a good synergistic effect, thereby promoting liver protection.

8.       Serves as an Antioxidant – This medicinal herb has a strong antioxidant capacity and can beat the harmful effects produced by free radicals. High eugenol content makes it an effective antioxidant with the power to restore kidney functions.

9.       Combats Diseases and Heals Stomach Ulcers – Tulsi forms a protective mucus in the stomach and reduces the breakdown of cells inside the stomach, thus preventing and fighting against any kind of stomach ulcers.

10.   Fights off Cancer – Studies have shown tulsi to be highly beneficial in fighting off cancers such as skin, lung, breast and stomach cancer. Some forms of oral cancer can also be prevented and fought off with the use of tulsi, extracts from its seed oil and by its other forms.

Given the endless list of benefits of Tulsi and its extracts, this herb is known to be the “Queen of all the herbs”.