For a long time now, protein bars and protein shakes have been offered as options for getting nutrients and proteins into your body after a workout, especially one that involves lifting weights. However, there are some healthy food alternatives that you can incorporate into your gym routine as alternatives to protein bars which might just do the trick better and in healthier ways.


A great post-workout snack for you if you eat them are hardboiled eggs. You can eat as many as you want and you will get a significant amount of protein, healthy omega three fatty acids, and good cholesterol in completely natural ways.


A great source of proteins is lentils. They are also quite rich in fiber and help with providing a lot of nutrients and minerals to the body. Lentils can be eaten as per taste and can be made in different ways. There are several recipes to look out for that can be tried and tested to add more lentils into your diet so as to get maximum proteins.


Who doesn’t love to eat boatloads of cheese? Though boatloads might be awful and might not be very good for your workout routine, as most things can be, cheese contains proteins and fats that could provide you with the correct amount of energy and nutrients that you might need after a workout. Cheese also contains calcium and saturated fats. You can look for organic or low-fat cheese for a munching snack for your post workout meal as a replacement to a protein shake.

Greek Yogurt

Wheat bread crackers or pita bread crackers along with greek yogurt makes for a perfect post workout meal which can be replaced with protein shakes to mix up your workout schedule. Greek yogurt is not only delicious but also is low in calories and helps to build muscles.


You can sprinkle some hemp, flax or quinoa seeds into your diet and add a lot of excitement and nutrients in your life. These seeds are a great source of protein, omega fatty acids, and heart building fibers that could help with the overall blood flow of the body and will help you significantly in your workout sessions.

Though protein shakes are the commonly reached-for source of muscle gain for weight lifting workout sessions, there are several healthier natural ways of getting these proteins into your body. Some other things you can try to add into your diet as alternatives for protein shakes include tofu, whole wheat bread, oily fish and quinoa.  You can always try some of these or mix it up into your workout routine to make things more exciting.