It is rightly said that there is absolutely no ordinary way to succeed. 21-year-old PV Sindhu who became the only Indian woman to win a Silver at the Olympics never had it easy. Rather, she is one of the most hardworking sportspersons and undergoes rigorous training every day to get better and better.

Varied sessions of training

PV Sindhu begins her training every day at 7 am which continues to about 12 pm.  Her focus during this time stays on her game inside the court along with coach P Gopichand.

After having lunch and a few hours of rest she returns to drill around 4 pm which goes on for another 3 hours. She wraps up by 7 in the evening which makes it 8 hours of training each day, 6 days a week.

Her gym workout includes at least 200 push-ups and 100 sit-ups with at least 6-7 variations in order to keep her core and back strong.

Along with that, her physio Kiran Challagundla also includes different sessions of running like two to three sets of ten 400m runs or one 2.4 km run. Some days, they push for a 10 km run.

He once told a leading daily that, “The point is to keep the training varied, not let the body get used to it and therefore stop growing.”

That is not all, along with coach P Gopichand and physio Kiran Challagundla, PV Ramana, Sindhu’s father also holds a pre-workout session for her in which he focuses on her stretching exercises making sure that she is strong enough to have faster movement inside the court.

Diet Plan

Quite obviously, junk and sugars have been out of her diet plan since the time she joined training under P Gopichand at the age of 8. Her coach himself said that “The sugar hampers recovery, it causes inflammation.”

He further added that becoming a champion takes away your right to choose what to eat. If you have a dream like that of winning an Olympic medal, you don’t eat what you prefer to but what you’re told to.

Her day begins with eating milk, eggs, and fruits for breakfast followed by meat, vegetables, and rice for lunch and dinner. She makes sure to keep herself hydrated between her training sessions and keep a bowl of fruits, some nuts and a bottle of Gatorade handy so that it helps her for endurance.

However, she does get one cheat day in a month where he prefers to eat Hyderabadi Biryani!

After all, it does take all your effort and determination and of course, teamwork in order to achieve the goals that you’ve seen for yourself and your country!