The latest buzzword doing the rounds in the health industry is “Detox” and there are no surprises as to why most people are joining the detox bandwagon. The innumerable range of benefits of this process for the human body to get rid of its harmful toxins through different pathways such as liver, sweat, urine and faeces has prompted people to try different forms of detoxification. One such wonderful way of detox that is fast gaining popularity among fitness freaks is the detox water diet.

Detox water diet: What it is and How it works

It is a novel way of infusing fruit and vegetables into the water to flavour it without removing their beneficial health properties. Increased intake of detox water can help the body to rejuvenate and release the toxins that have been since long building up inside because of unhealthy eating habits.

Detox through the way of flavoured water can also help us fight fatigue and remove tiredness by removing the toxins that hamper with our energy levels. It has become an integral part of many weight loss programs as it is said to aid digestion and manage critical bodily functions by transporting nutrients of the flavoured water to the cells of the body. Water is an amazing cleanser and drinking water extracted from veggies or soaked with herbs and mints as part of the daily diet regimen can improve our overall health and prevents several diseases.

 Benefits of Detox Water Diet In Weight Loss

Improves Metabolism – A slow metabolic system can lead to pile up of unnecessary fat and build up of toxins leading to weight gain. However, detox water loaded with fruits and vegetables such as cucumber water mixed with ginger, mint and lemon can augment the metabolism process, thereby aiding the weight loss. Even a glass of lukewarm water with some honey drop, cinnamon powder, and lemon juice, when taken daily, can work wonders for weight loss.

Curb cravings: Next time you feel too hungry even after having a wholesome meal, have water. Often we confuse thirst for hunger pangs and end up snacking on junk or unhealthy foods. Drinking a lot of water throughout the day can control hunger pangs and keep the body feeling full. Adding fruits like pineapple or cider vinegar may also keep in check the hunger pangs and you would be less likely to binge on fattening foods.

Low calorie: The best part about the detox water diet is that you are not adding any or in fact very little calories if you infuse water with fruits or vegetables. A beverage which is low on calorie is sure to help you shed those extra pounds from your body.

Aids digestion: Give a boost to your metabolism and digestive system with intake of detox water. It also removes toxins by providing healthy nutrients and enzymes that promote healthy digestion.

Negligible fat content: Detox water loaded with herbs, lemon, cucumber slices, and other high nutritional foods have lower fat content and hence are the best substitute for high-sugar loaded drinks.

Make the most of the detox water diet and get that toned, sculpted body figure in just no time by simply following it as part of your daily diet regime.