Keto diet is all the rage these days, especially with those looking to shed off calories effectively. This low-carb, high-fat diet not only helps a person to lose weight but also boosts athletic ability, improves brain power and achieve overall health goals. It is also known to reverse effects of many fatal diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance and Alzheimer’s disease, helping people to achieve optimal health. However, before following it is best to find out if it is the right fit for you or it is just a fad? Ascertain if it is the diet plan will work effectively to burn the fat of your body and give desired results.

What is Keto Diet?

Restricting the consumption of all starchy and sugary foods lies at the core of the ketogenic diet. Drastic reduction of the carbs with fats leaves the body with little fuel to process energy. Hence the body starts burning the stored fats for energy and this metabolic state is known as the ketosis. During this metabolic state, the body also turns fats into acids or ketones in the liver which is known to supply energy to the brain and boost its power. It is emerging as a hot favorite weight loss program among athletes, body builders and all those looking to shed weight without starving or counting calories.

Keto Diet Helpful for weight loss

Standard Ketogenic diets are very low-carb, moderate-protein and high-fat diet. They exclude starch, sugar, grains and fructose and hence it becomes easy to shed off extra pounds by following this diet. As opposed to the popular method of weight loss that relies on limiting portion size, including exercise and counting calories, this plan follows a completely different approach. The keto diet works by changing the very fuel source of the body from carbs to stored fats and hence considered effective in lowering risks of many diseases and in improving overall mental as well as physical health. Studies have shown that people following the ketogenic diet lose more weight than those on low-fat diet. Increased protein intake helps a person to lose weight without compromising on nutritional value of foods. In fact the increased ketones play a key role in weight loss.

Other benefits of Keto diets

Research has also found ketogenic diet to improve insulin sensitivity by a whopping 75%. It is highly helpful in lowering the blood sugar levels and hence diabetic patients and pre-diabetic people with impaired insulin function can benefit significantly by following this diet. Surveys have shown many followers of keto diet are able to stop or reduce diabetes medication altogether with this magical diet program. Heart patients and people with high blood pressure have benefitted immensely by following this diet plan as it is said to improve triglyceride and HDL cholesterol levels.