As much as we love abs we certainly know that getting them is just not easy. Although it is not very important to get abs, in fact religiously following a fitness routine to stay fit is more important. But if you have been focussing on getting abs and have been doing exercises specifically for them and still can’t see abs then here are a few reasons that might be responsible:

1) Too much fat covering your abdominal: It is important to have low body fat to have abs. If you have too much of body fat covering your abdominal muscles you won’t be able to see your six packs. So no matter how many crunches or leg raises you are performing at the gym you won’t be able to see your abs

2) Monotonous exercise pattern: Doing endless crunches won’t help you get abs. The abdominals need to be worked on from various angles and dimensions so that they can pop out. Go for planks, suitcase deadlifts, deadbugs etc to pop out your abs

3) Improper diet: Abs are made in the kitchen so the right kind of nutrition and food is extremely important to get abs. One needs to avoid sugar, alcohol and other ‘fluid calories’ to get abs. In fact reduce your calorie intake by 300-500 calories per day while ensuring that you eat balanced diet only.

4) Insufficient rest: If you are exerting yourself by over-training, this can be one of the reasons for abs not showing up. Make rest days an important part of your workout regime because there is nothing more important for the body than to recover after days of rigorous exercise routines. So sleep well for about 8-9 hours every day and give some time off to your body from the exercise routine

5) Wrong food: If you have been indulging in energy drinks, fruit drinks and milk based coffee then they might slow the whole process of getting abs. During training, just drink green tea or herbal teas and drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Also try not to go overboard- with the black coffee

6) Wrong cardio: Doing sustained moderate cardio such as running will more likely leave you feeling fatigue. In fact, cardio training is not really important for abs. You may also replace it with intensive weight training or you may club your cardio training with high intensity weight training for better results like doing a lengthy warm up with plenty of stretches with intensive sprint sessions. This will surely spike your metabolism and get the fat burning.

7) Too much of stress: Daily stress is another reason why you still can’t see abs even after training all this while. This is because stress releases hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. This will leave you with lower immune resistance which results in increased vulnerability to colds and flues.