Food is the source of fuel for proper functioning of the body. Healthy eating is the key to a fit and disease-free life. A well-balanced diet comprising of high-fiber foods, nutrient rich fruits and vegetables along with ample amount of water and juices can help promote optimal body weight, protect the cells from damage and also assist in cellular damage repair that might occur. Healthy eating promotes disease prevention and strengthens our immune system. Hence here are certain secrets of healthy eating which when followed can promote better performance of mind and body.

Follow an eating pattern – Most of us often eat at odd hours and snack on fried foods and unhealthy, junk items out of stress, habit or boredom. However, we are only adding on extra calories when we eat without ‘actually’ feeling hungry. We should listen to the signals of our body and avoid eating when we do not feel hungry. Determining eating patterns can help us cut down binging unnecessarily.

Take small portions – Cutting down portion size of foods can help us track the calories we consume without compromising ourselves of the essential nutrients. Smaller meals combined with healthy snacks in between those meals can help one feel full for long and boost metabolism effectively.

Avoid skipping meals – Eat all your meals but keep track of the portion sizes of your food. Ensure that you do not skip breakfast, lunch or dinner as that can lead to harmful effects later on. Skipping important meals can also lead to overeating and unhealthy binging later on.

Determine your food triggers – Find out what triggers you to make unhealthy food choices. Once you are aware of the triggers, you can also make a list of alternative wise food choices to help you stay away from extra calories when bad mood strikes.

Keep Kitchen stocked with healthy foods – Stock up your pantry or fridge with healthy snacks, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables rather than unprocessed foods and junk items. So next time when you are hungry, you can snack on healthy foods to satisfy your cravings.

Avoid watching TV or juggling with mobile while eating – It is best to stay away from screens while eating. You can enjoy your meals when you have no distractions like television or mobile while eating.

Eat healthy when traveling for work or leisure – It is best to avoid unhealthy foods as far as possible when traveling for work or pleasure. Avoid too much consumption of alcohol and junk food to keep an ideal weight.

The most important key to maintaining an ideal weight by promoting healthy eating habits is to draw up realistic expectations. Do not deprive your body of sweets and snacks entirely as that will only increases your chances of failing too quickly in your attempts at maintaining a fit body and mind. Just keep your little indulgences in moderation. Dieting is not about sacrificing all the foods that you love but it is about maintaining a balance.