Portrait of a young sports woman in yellow t-shirt sitting indoors with healthy food and dumbbells on the table

Do you drool over the sight of flat stomach and toned body? Longing to get rid of all the extra chubbiness and get a lean frame?

However, you neither have the time nor the patience to hit gym regularly!

If that’s the case, read on to more about simple lifestyle changes that will help you burn more fat:

1.       Eat more spicy food: Spicy food is said to boost metabolism. Also, while eating spicy food, you would be forced to drink water in between, which automatically decreases your food intake. This way you would consume lesser calories and start feeling full soon!

Try seasoning your regular food with chili flakes or pepper.

2.       Cut down on alcohol: Alcohol slows down your body’s metabolism rate. Also, it can make you feel hungry all the time and put you at serious health risks. Giving it up is one of the best things you could do for your body!

3.       Get enough sleep: A well-rested body functions more efficiently! Various studies have shown that getting adequate sleep can help boost fat burning and prevent weight gain. Also, it has been observed that sleep deprived individuals feel hungry often, which leads to more calorie intake. Although everyone needs different amount of sleep depending on their body structure and lifestyle, minimum 7 hours of sleep is recommended.

4.       Add protein to your diet: Consuming larger quantity of protein reduces your appetite drastically. It is highly recommended to include high-protein foods in your breakfast. It will keep you active and your stomach full for longer period.

Try combining cereals with fruits and milk, or maybe scrambled eggs with toast. It’s hassle free and high on protein.

5.       Reduce sugar intake: All the processed food and artificial sweeteners have high quantity of sugar in them. Refined sugars create more fat cells in your body, which leads to more fat on the body. Each time you are hungry, choose a fruit over a dessert. Also, say NO to readymade fruit juices and soda. This would definitely help you burn extra fat.

6.       Eat slowly: When you eat slowly, you are more aware of what you are consuming. Eating slowly favours satiety through an increased response of the gut hormones. When you eat fast, you are prone to consume more calories than the required quantity which leads to weight gain. Also, properly chewed food when swallowed gets digested properly.

7.       Take stairs: Well, if you are amongst those who can’t hit the gym regularly…then this is for you! Each time you ditch the elevator/escalator and choose the stairs, you are burning fat in your body. Also, climbing stairs keeps you from deadly health hazards like Diabetes and Cardiovascular problems.

8.       Oil usage: Almost all food preparations require oil. Keep a tab on how much oil you are using while cooking. Also, choose healthier options like olive oil over soybean oil. Cutting down on oil will help you minus hundreds of calories from your diet just in one day! It’s not only good for weight loss but also good for your heart.