Consuming healthy food is essential to maintain good health and stay away from chronic diseases. However, it is an ardent task to examine what is healthy and what is not. Moreover, if you are on a diet and want to lose weight, you have to be more cautious and avoid them or precisely eliminate them and look for whole and natural alternatives. So, some of those unhealthy items have been discussed below to assist you with the goal of living healthy-

Fruit Juices and Sugary drinks:

Any form of sugary drinks like soda water or lemon water with artificial sweeteners are temporary sources of quenching thirst but there is nothing nutritious about it. You just end up putting up calories and when taken in excess can lead to insulin resistance leading to type -2 diabetes, liver diseases and effects dental health badly. You even need to rethink before having fruit juice since you might be under the misconception that you having fruits and veggies with vitamins and minerals, but while juicing you are leaving out all the fiber. Fiber not only slows down the process of sugar absorption but keeps you full and keeps your digestive health on track. So the total purpose of your diet is getting defeated. Have plain water and whole fruits and salads instead of sugary drinks and fruit or vegetable juices.

Processed and Canned Food:

Processed and canned foods are detrimental to health. Anything which is processed whether it is meat or cheese needs to be totally avoided. They contain artificial preservatives, colors, flavors and on top of all high in trans fat with low nutrient and fiber contents. They are sometimes high in refined carbs and sugar and not easily digestible. All the factors together are the root cause of numerous health problems like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity. So the only alternative is to spare some time to cook your own food or have raw fruits.

Fried Foods:

Fried foods like French fries, chips, cheese sticks are relished by all but tend to be high in Trans fat and calories. So consuming them in portion sizes or frequently has adverse effects on your health. The alternative is to prefer baked food and even if you wish to have fried food have smaller sizes once in a while.

Gluten-free food:

Having a gluten-free diet doesn’t mean you are eating healthy. Studies have shown that gluten-free food uses some ingredients that have no nutrition and sometimes high in trans-fat, carbs, and sugar. For instance, tapioca or starch is used for preparing several gluten-free recipes that contain no nutrients. Not to forget that gluten-free cookies and pretzels are still considered as junk foods. Instead choose fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, lean proteins that will offer you balanced nutrients.

Ice creams, chocolates, cookies, Cakes and Chips:

All the items mentioned above are unhealthy although a treat to your cravings. They are made with, refined flours, added fats, and sugar and loaded with calories. All these ingredients are bad for health and inject unhealthy ingredients into your body thereby leading to health complications. You can rather make your own ice-cream at home by blending banana or strawberry in low-fat milk and freeze it. Top it up with healthy nuts and have it to satisfy your taste buds.

Cooking Oils:

Choose your cooking oils wisely since most of the cooking oils like canola oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, rice bran oil contain a high amount of unhealthy unsaturated fats and forms a carcinogenic substance at a high temperature called acrylamide. They are cheaper and hence preferred by all but should be avoided totally. Coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil are the best and stable ones. Another alternative is to apply other cooking methods like oven frying or baking or air frying.

Low Fat Yogurt:

Yogurt is healthy but those bought from the stores are extremely bad. They are low in fat but devoid of pro-biotic bacteria (good bacteria for health) and loaded with sugar for taste. Instead, choose regular full- fat yogurt or prepare it at home from cow milk.

Cereals with low crab or made with refined flours:

Completely avoid low crab foods which are quite popular these days. But they are highly processed foods and contain all the unhealthy elements with little nutrition. The same is with food like rice, pasta, white bread and crackers which are made from refined flours and add to calories and blood sugar levels. Look for brown bread and replace the low carb foods with fiber-rich quality.

In all, simply look for the ingredients and read the labels before you buy and opt for more real or natural food to acquire a healthy lifestyle.