Feeling mental as well as physically agile is of utmost importance – be it at any age. As we start aging, a lot of physical and sometimes emotional problems begin weighing us down. Most of us start neglecting our personal health with the rapid occurrence of major life changes such as career upheavals, loss of dear ones, children growing and leaving home, retirements and other household chores and responsibilities. However, the key to happiness is to stay fit and healthy at any age despite the challenges that come in the way. Here are certain useful tips that we need to follow to maintain good health and have fit life even while we age:

Eat Healthy and Follow A Balanced Diet – Making healthy food choices is the first step towards maintaining a fit and healthy mind and body. Proper diet plan will not only help you maintain an ideal weight as per your age but also help to keep other chronic problems and diseases-that are common during the aging process-far away.

Stay active and engage in passions – Aging provides us a chance to follow passions and take up hobbies that we often have to forgo to manage major life goals and responsibilities during our youth. When you age, take up the opportunity to explore new places and discover new things that you could never do. Engage your mind in creative and social activities that will help boost your brain power and help you stay fit.

Exercise regularly – Follow fitness schedule and make sure that exercise forms an integral part of your day-to-day life. Take out time every day from your tight schedule to fit in any form exercise – be it yoga, walking, swimming, cycling, biking, hiking, meditation, gym, dance or any other form. Ageing process is shown to slow down significantly when you include exercise in your daily routine. A number of health problems that are associated with increasing age can also be successfully managed and kept at bay with the help of exercises.

Reduce Stress – Beat the stress out of your life by engaging in fun activities. Take out time to do things that you enjoy to keep anxiety away. Practice meditation or indulge in rejuvenating therapies that can reduce stress, promote cardio-vascular, muscle health and also lowers the risk of many health problems associated with it. Engaging in activities can also bring down the ageing effects on your intellectual abilities.

Maintain a support network of friends, family, colleagues and dear ones who help you have better life experiences during your ageing. Visit your healthcare professional regularly to monitor your physical health and follow their recommendations for a longer, disease-free life.