Protein is an essential constituent and is required for several critical body functions like growth and repair of damaged cells but researches show that the amount of daily protein requirement (RDA-Recommended Dietary Allowance) is not sufficient especially for those who are involved in bodybuilding. Although RDA varies depending on age, sex and lifestyle but achieving the dietary protein requirement for heavy training and workouts is an ardent job even after consuming protein-rich food. The best alternative in such a scenario is protein powder.

It is basically man-made powder loaded with other vitamins and minerals and beneficial way to boost protein intake. Five of those top considered protein powders that would serve your purpose have been discussed to assist you to choose the correct product from an array of flooded products

Whey Protein: It is the most popular sports drink and famous amongst athletes and bodybuilders since it contains the entire nine essential amino acids required for overall growth. It is the leftover from milk while making cheese and is readily assimilated by the body, being easily digestible thereby building the lean muscles and strengthening the damaged process expeditiously. It promotes fullness thereby keeping you full even after eating less throughout the day and keeps a check on the body weight.

Soy protein: It is the most common plant product derived from soybeans that reap numerous health gains and contains all the essential amino acids. It is a healthy alternative who prefers to stay vegan and avoid dairy products. It promotes growth and development of muscles and is believed to support other nutritional aspects as supplies a fair amount of minerals like zinc, potassium, iron, Vit –E, phosphorus.

Casein protein: It is the most popular dairy-based protein powder. It is slow digestive and takes hours for assimilation and hence taken before sleep to assist the recovery and development of new lean muscles. It even assists in the fat loss and offers strength t to the body associated with rigorous workout and training.

Pea Protein: It is one of the best plant-based protein supplements extracted for yellow pea and best suited for vegans and those looking for dairy alternatives. It aids in muscle growth, building strength for workouts and weight loss. Pea protein powder is even a rich source of Iron which makes it more effective for consumers.

Hemp Protein: It is derived by grinding the seeds of the cannabis plant and a rich source of essential fatty acids. It is a popular hypo allergic protein source preferred especially by those with common food allergies. It promotes weight gain, the growth of muscle mass and other repair and maintenance functions of the body. It is easily digestible and is a rich source of fiber and keeps full for longer.

Overall, with varieties of products available in the market choose the right protein powder depending on your preferences. If you are vegan or okay with plant protein go for soy, pea, and rice protein powder while if you prefer dairy products opt for whey and casein protein powder. But whatever you choose to ensure to have it in recommended doses for the best results.