If you are on a weight loss journey, there is nothing better than having a home cooked bowl of freshly made soup. Soups are extremely healthy and nutritious and when prepared wisely they can do wonders to your weight loss regime. So here are a few soup recipes that are high in nutritional content and low on calories that will surely help you to lose those extra kilos:

1)     Carrot and lentil soup


·       Carrots chopped- ¼ cup

·       Moong dal- 1/8 cup

·       Black pepper (grounded)- 1 tsp

·       Garlic cloves- 6

·       Onions finely chopped- 1/8 cups

·       Tomatoes finely chopped- ½ cup

·       Salt- to taste


·       On a medium heat, place a pan and oil, onions and garlic and saute until the onions and garlic turn golden brown

·       Add carrots and cook for a minute and then add tomatoes

·       Wash and rinse moong dal separately and roast the dal in a pan for 5-7 minutes

·       Now add the roasted moong dal in the carrot mixture and add 1.5 cusps of water

·       Cook the mixture for 10 minutes until all vegetables are properly cooked.

·       Now in a blender, blend the mixture and add salt and black pepper as per taste

·       Pour the blended mixture into serving bowls and serve

2)     Vegetable Soup


·       Chopped spring onions- 2 tbsp

·       Garlic chopped- 2 cloves

·       Carrots chopped- 1/3 cup

·       Cabbage chopped- 1/3 cup

·       Sweet corns- 1/3 cup

·       French beans chopped- 1/3 cup

·       Black pepper grounded- ¼ tsp

·       Vinegar- ½ tbsp.

·       Olive oil- 1 tbsp

·       Water/ vegetable stock- 2 ½ cup

·       Salt- to taste


·       In a pan, add olive oil and heat it on medium flame.

·       Now add chopped onions and garlic and saute till they are nice golden brown

·       Add all the chopped vegetables and cook for 3-4 minutes

·       Now add vegetable stock and bring the mixture to boil

·       Add salt and pepper as per the taste

·       Cook until the mixture thickens

·       Serve

3)     Tomato soup


·       Tomato- 6 large

·       Water- 4 cups

·       Olive oil- 1 tbsp

·       Honey- 1 tbsp

·       Salt- to taste

·       Black pepper grounded- to taste


·       Add tomatoes in a large bowl and add water and let them cook thoroughly for 30 minutes on low to medium flame

·       Once the tomatoes are thoroughly cooked, let them cool on room temperature for 20 minutes and remove the peels of the tomatoes

·       Now put the tomatoes in a blender and blend until smooth

·       Sieve the tomato mixture to remove seeds

·       Add seasonings as per the taste

·       Serve hot

4)     Beetroot apple soup


·       Beetroot chopped- 6

·       Olive oil- 1 tsp

·       Green apples chopped- 2

·       Spring onions stalks chopped- 4

·        Onions chopped- 1

·       Garlic cloves minced- 1-2

·       Vegetable broth- 4 cups

·       Fresh coriander chopped- 2 tbsp

·       Salt and pepper- as per taste


·       In a pressure cooker add chopped beetroots in 4 cups water and pressure cook it for 20-30 minutes until beetroot is thoroughly cooked

·       Let the beetroots cool on room temperature

·       In a saucepan, add olive oil and heat over low to medium heat.

·       Now add garlic, beetroot, apples, spring onion stalks, onions, and cook for 5-8 minutes until all the vegetables and also the apples are soft

·       Now add vegetable broth and bring it to boil

·       Pour the mixture into a blender and blend until smooth

·       Add salt and pepper as per the taste

·       Now pour the mix into a serving bowl and garnish with freshly chopped coriander