Adding push-ups to your workout is recommended to create upper body strength in the most effective manner possible. Push-ups also help to build the pectoral muscles, shoulders and the triceps. If a proper form is maintained, even the lower body can be strengthened. The abdominal muscles get developed through push-ups. They are relatively one of the easier exercises to do as they require no machines or equipment and can be done anywhere. It is, however, important to maintain a good body position while doing push-ups or the long term effects of the workout session would be compromised along with some injury or strain to your body.

The process of learning the perfect way to do a push-ups is a gradual process for most people. Adjust the type of push-ups that you are going to attempt on the basis of your comfort level.

Push-ups are supposed to be a good way to exercise as only the body weight is used for stability during the workout routine. This, in turn, allows the individual to develop substantial body strength.

It is crucial to develop the perfect form to be able to get a proper grip on managing your movements. Also, having the correct stance could avoid you from unnecessary injuries or shoulder/back pains.

There are some Dos and Dont’s about doing push-ups that most gym goers are unaware of. This comes with the price of a compromised workout. To avoid this, there are certain things that everyone must know while attempting push-ups.


  1. Make sure that your back is straight
  2. Do not hunch your back
  3. A strong grip is crucial while doing push-ups
  4. Try to form a straight line with your body
  5. It is best to draw your shoulders inwards while doing the routine
  6. Your neck should be kept in a neutral position
  7. Rotating the hips could compromise the benefits of the workout routine
  8. To do a workout routine for your abdominal muscles while doing push-ups, it is advised to take any pressure off of the lower back.
  9. Make sure that your palms are placed securely on the floor
  10. At no point during the push-ups workout routine should the head or the nose touch the ground before the chest
  11. If you constantly look up or tuck your chin you could develop spinal or neck related injuries
  12. Hunching your shoulders spoils your form for the workout
  13. Your chest should be the first thing to touch the ground
  14. One of the tricks to maintain a good form is to squeeze or clench your hips. This also relieves the spinal strain.

There are different types of push-ups that you can incorporate into your workout to challenge your muscles. As a beginner, you are recommended to do push-ups against the walls, gradually moving onto push-ups against the table and then push-ups with the knees followed by the standard push-ups. Other kinds of push-ups include shoulder tap push-ups, knee to chest push-ups, knee to opposite elbow push-ups, grasshopper push-ups, outside-leg kick push-ups, cross leg kick push-ups.