Most of us while going to the gym hardly pay attention to our gym-wear. We grab the nearest lying tee shirt from our closet, slip into our pajamas, tie the shoes and leave for the gym. We somehow do not realize that wearing a wrong gym wear can result in restricted movements which can be a bit awkward at times and may also result in embarrassment, discomfort and even wardrobe malfunctions.

Hence, it is important to note that a right kind of sportswear can go a long way in helping us achieve desired results.  So to help you out, we have created a list of things that you should never wear to a gym:

1) 100 percent Cotton Clothes

We all know that cotton is the most comfortable fabric but cotton also absorbs every drop of your sweat and makes you feel like you are wearing a wet tee shirt thus weighing you down, giving you feel sticky. Also, the more moist clothing is the more likely it can result in bacterial growth which can result in infections. So instead of wearing cotton clothes, opt for sweat-wicking fabrics that are made particularly for exercise purposes.

2) Outdoor sneakers

Most of us wear the same pair of sneakers to the gym that we wear while hanging out with friends and family. But this is a big no because different sneakers are designed to do different jobs. Training shoes will help to protect and support your feet while working out. So keep your training sneakers specifically for a workout, this will also improve their lifespan.

3) Worn out sneakers

If you can’t figure out that your sneakers are too old for a workout you should probably check the treads or designs at the bottom of your sneaker to check its condition. If you are unable to see the treads or designs and the bottom is flattening out then you should totally get a new pair of trainers. Wearing worn out sneakers while working out can result in leg injury, pain in the soles and even knees and hips.

4) Regular Bra

Most women wear their regular bras to the gym but regular bras don’t provide the kind of support your chest need while exercising. And it’s not just the bounce that we are talking about. Wearing a wrong bra to the gym may lead to upper back and shoulder pain post workout. A nice fitting sports bra protects your ligaments and tissues in your chest from excessive stretching.

5) Too tight clothes

Clothes that are too small or too tight for you will not do you any good. They will restrict your movement while exercising and may also restrict circulation. A tight pair of pants can give you cramps and a tight sports bra can actually constrict your breathing.

6) Makeup

So we all know how sweat and make-up do not gell well with each other. Your makeup will run down your face when you begin to sweat. Also, when you sweat, the dirt and oil can build up under your makeup which may result in skin irritation, acne breakouts. So avoid putting makeup on your skin while you go to the gym.