Clean eating is all about whole foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats and proteins. At the same time, this challenge encourages you to cut down on packaged and processed foods and limit added sugar and sodium. Consider this 30-day challenge your inspiration to clean up your diet. Clean eating can boost up your confidence like anything and it’s not just because of the weight difference. Clean eating brings a cleaner skin, a glow on your face, a high energy level throughout the day, fewer mood swings, fewer body aches and pains and improved concentration. Risks of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases are reduced magnanimously.

So, What is Clean Eating?

Clean eating is basically inclusion of whole foods and complete exclusion of processed foods, artificial sugars, and sodium. Added chemicals or preservatives are a no-no. It also includes doing regular exercise and basic fitness regimes. You do not cut down on meals, you do not skip meals. You just eat healthier.

How to Start?

Clean eating feels like a lot of effort when you begin and does not feel like you can do it at all but once you get habitual it comes almost naturally. It is because it is said that once you do something 21 times it becomes a habit. Hence, the 30-day long challenge.

1)     Prepare yourself mentally.

2)     Do not expect a miracle to happen overnight!

3)     Do not lose hope if it fails to be according to your expectations.

4)     Don’t confuse it with starving yourself.

5)     Don’t forget to also exercise, just cutting down calories and carbs isn’t going to do the trick if you’re planning to lose weight!

6)     Don’t have any end objectives in your head as such. It is not a crash diet, it’s just clean eating.

7)     Never miss a meal and have a lot of water!

8)     Depend on fruits and vegetables for fibers and vitamins.

9)     Know your portions. Do not limit or increase portions.

10)           Eat at gaps of 2-3 hours.

11)           No packaged meals even if they are marked healthy.

12)           Adequate healthy fats should be consumed every day.

13)           No saturated and trans fats whatsoever.

14)           Know the rules.

15)           Take baby steps.

16)           Know what you are doing completely. Don’t just trust web searches or advertisements blindly,

17)           Do not over-indulge, I mean don’t starve yourself or think and talk only about your clean eating. Do not obsess.

18)           Accept if you fall off track, don’t make excuses and stick to your plan. Fall back into the wagon after you accept you went wrong.

19)           Plan ahead, don’t depend on cheat days to save you when you forget about an occasion where you have to consume some sort of sugar or trans fats, for example, a date or a movie night you forgot about.

20)           Surf the web well to know what to consume when. Make yourself a chart in case you forget.