If you are a gym person you might have used the stationary bike quite often but there are many tips that you must remember to get the most out of your workout session. If the routine is done properly, you can actually save time and get the maximum benefits from your session.

Be comfortable

Adjust your bike seat as per your requirements before starting the workout. It is important for you to be in a comfortable position while working out. It is also a common mistake that leads to backaches. You can adjust the seat as per the height of your hips, make sure that it is not positioned at an extremely upward or downward angle. Having the proper seat alignment can go a long way in making your performance better and getting the most from the workout.

Slow and steady

Another way to get more benefits from the stationary bike workout is to ensure that the warm-up exercises that follow the workout are not just off the bike, but also on the bike. A steady peddling pace before getting into the full-blown workout is a good measure to make sure that your warm-up is complete. You should spend a minimum of 30 minutes on the stationary bike initially. After an interval of time, you can move on to 60 to 90 minutes.

Doing the proper warm-up exercises can go a long way in making your performance better and having to get the maximum benefits from the session.

Try the Tabata routine

One of the more effective techniques of working out can also be used on a stationary bike. You can work out on the bike with a regular pace for about five minutes before exerting 80-100% effort for twenty seconds before slowing down to the regular pace over twenty seconds. You do an intense twenty-second cycling workout, take rest for ten seconds and then repeat ten times.

The diet

The diet you maintain plays an important role in the end result of your workout sessions. During your workout session, remember to hydrate yourself every 15 minutes and drink water before and after the stationary bike workout too. A full bike exercise workout requires full energy and hence it is best to come prepared after a meal of good carbohydrates. You can reenergize yourself post the session with eggs, yogurts, bananas, etc.

Don’t get bored

It is easy to get bored of cycling in the same place after a while and can demotivate you from finishing or having a more extensive workout session. Therefore it is of vital importance that you are actively engaged while on the stationary bike workout. There are several things you could engage yourself with while on the stationary bike.