Heart attack is the most common reason for death all across the globe and studies have shown that men after the age of 45 and women after 55 become more susceptible to heart diseases. But that doesn’t rule out the chances of a youngster or a middle aged individual to catch up with heart diseases. So start early to prevent the risk with the right lifestyle and healthy eating choices. Hence take charge to initiate a healthy- hearty lifestyle to fight odds and live long and some of the emphatic tips have been discussed below to assist you with this goal-

Have healthy and nutritious food to control cholesterol levels and blood pressure:

Focus on healthy and nutritious food rich in fibre, antioxidants and unsaturated fats and low in saturated and trans-fat, salt and added sugar. Avoid calorie rich food and include more of fruits, vegetables and wholegrain rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals which are easily digestible. Consume protein rich diet like fish, sea-food, lean meat, legumes, nuts and seeds in desirable amounts. Make healthy choices for cooking oil with olive oil, sunflower, rice bran and safflower since they are rich in unsaturated fats like Omega-3 and Omega-6 which enhances good cholesterol(HDL) and helps to reduce bad cholesterol(LDL) thereby reducing the risk of heart diseases. Moreover, reduce sodium intake and use herbs and spices to flavour foods instead of salt. This way you can even keep your cholesterol level and hence blood pressure under control

Maintain a healthy weight:

Being overweight or obesity is the root cause of several complications like high blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels and type-2 diabetes thereby leading to heart attack. So managing body weight is one of the effective ways to prevent heart diseases and this is achievable by eating rightfully and being physically active. Avoid processed food and a sedentary lifestyle and set up a realistic goal to achieve a healthy lifestyle daily.

Practice daily exercises and be physically active:

Daily practice exercises at least for 30 minutes for at least 5 days a week to keep you fit. Simple aerobic exercises like swimming, walking, cycling whichever suits you and it can be even brisk walking in the park. Do not forget to stretch and warm up before you start your daily exercises since they enhance the ability to exercise more freely and increases body flexibility.

Avoid drinking:

The best is to way drinks and even if you do it should be in a moderate amount and that too occasionally since daily drinking or excess alcoholic drinks is believed to increase hypertension thereby making you prone to heart ailments.

Quit smoking:

Smoking blocks the arteries thereby reducing the blood and oxygen supply and leading to a condition called atherosclerosis. So quit smoking since studies reveal smokers are more susceptible to heart attacks, strokes than non-smokers and that too at a young age.

Less tension and stress:

Tension and stress are part and parcel of our life with the pressure of family obligations and work pressure but need to manage it through leisure activities and planned vacations that would rejuvenate you. Simple relaxation methods like meditation and yoga in modern days helps to relieve stress. But if you are suffering from depression or anxiety for quite a time, consult a specialist.

Have proper and adequate sleep:

Sleeping for 8 hours a day is required for a healthy being. Researches have proved that an individual who sleeps for less than 7 hours is likely to have health problems like asthma, diabetes, stroke, heart attacks. Basically, the blood pressure increases owing to inadequate sleep thereby leading to stroke and heart diseases.

Have plenty of water:

Water is the best source of quenching your thirst and it is recommended to keep away from aerated drinks.

Not to forget to get a checkup scheduled every year or at least after six months after an age of 40 for your blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels as a preventive measure. Follow their recommendation for better health and if prescribed take medications to avoid future complications.

To sum up, lifestyle changes definitely will lead to a better quality life but it is more important to be mentally healthy by being positive and avoiding stress and anxiety.