Summary: Is diet enough to lose weight? It is a very important question and here are some relevant facts of exercise, diet and weight loss that will help you select the right combination.

Generally, people ask whether it is possible to lose weight without exercise and why one is  losing weight though they are exercising. Women often feel that though they are dieting, they are not shedding weight and even exercise is not paying off. There is a very simple answer- calories going in and calories going out. For effective weight loss, there needs to be a balance between diet and exercise.

Women often believe that only vigorous exercise is sufficient – this is wrong! If you exercise thrice a week, you burn about 1000 calories per session but this is just enough to lose just about half a kilo. This too can be easily offset by one single, cheat meal or one extra serving.

Diet and weight loss

A significant amount of weight can be lost by cutting down on the food intake and calorie reduction. 500 calories per day is equal to half a kilo of weight loss in one week. But in this manner, you are losing both fat and muscle. You need to maintain and build muscles and also lose weight. Therefore, weight training is must and coupled with proper diet can lead to perfect weight loss.  

Diet alone leads to loss of muscle mass and becoming less strong as the composition of the body changes. This results in a lower weight but the body mass index (BMI) might not change.

Avoid higher body fat percentage even after weight loss

Weight loss without exercise has one major disadvantage- the lost weight comes back once calorie consumption normalises. But when you exercise, muscles are formed and this itself prevents weight gain.

When you regain weight after having lost it without exercising, you will not gain the muscle lost. Most of the regained weight is stored in the fat stores and therefore the body fat percentage would be higher. It is necessary to build muscles as it burns more calories and it is not possible without exercise.

The reality

It is quite possible to lose weight without exercise but the weight can come back easily if it is not an exercised weight loss. You cannot exercise with a poor diet- your nutrition is of utmost importance. Have low calorie food that has good nutritional value. Processed and fast foods are to be avoided at all costs. Avoid gimmicks like meal replacements and portion control packs.

So ladies, strike a balance- weight loss is possible with a combination of diet and exercise- choosing one is not the answer.